Monday, 28 July 2014

Nokia X/X+/XL getting an new software update bringing app switcher and much more..

Today, the users of Nokia X/X+/XL started getting a new software update. It's not Software update 2.0 but yes, it actually does brings in some features from v2.0 such as the new app switcher allowing you to change among the apps you launched by swiping down from above and then select folder like option.

Close windowX-SW-update-switcher_dropdown

Apps can also be closed from switcher by just tapping on the X at bottom of the screen. As this software update is being rolled, more Microsoft services has been added into the device.

The new MS services which as been added are - Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote. If you still haven't installed the update on your device just navigate to Settings>About Phone>Software Updates>Check for updates and that's where your software update will be showed to you to download and install it.

In case, you don't know - Microsoft has planned to kill all future planed Nokia X devices and switch the upcoming devices in X family to Windows OS and as far as future updates are concerned for this X family, we can barely see a hope.


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